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The Ireland based Third Level Workplace Watch (3lww), a collective of precarious workers organising to defend rights to fair wages and working conditions in the university workplace launched the Postcards from Periphery:

“To help break the silence and stigma around precarity we decided to embark on a new project entitled ‘Postcards from the Periphery.’ Our hope is that other precarious academics will join with us on this journey by contributing their own postcards from the periphery. It’s simple to do – just send us on an image file of you holding your postcard to The postcard should provide a brief snapshot of your situation, fears or experiences. No faces necessary!”


postcard_precarity(click on the image to follow the link!)


“The public space changes to the needs of the breakfasting people.The breakfasters start to communicate with their surroundings, just by being there without much of their active doing. They become their own medium to take space, to be space and to change it – things are told, things are heard and breakfasts are eaten. Again and again and again.”


PERMANENT BREAKFAST (click on the image to follow the link)

Eating in the public space: The idea is quite simple and catching: one person invites to breakfast. The invited persons ( usually 4 ) commit themselves to invite to a public breakfast on the next possible date. And so on.

PERMANENT BREAKFAST: Eine Person lädt zum Frühstück im öffentlichen Raum. Die geladenen Personen verpflichten sich, am nächsten Tag jeweils ein weiteres öffentliches Frühstück abzuhalten, dessen Gäste wiederum ehebaldigst Frühstücken und so fort.

Bei einem Grundsetting von fünf Personen käme man bereits am 10. Tag auf 1,6 Mio. Frühstückende!