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“The Paid not Played Choir brings together cultural workers in a stand against the practice of free labour within the arts sector. We welcome you to join the choir in creating, rehearsing and performing a piece of protest music to be staged across London (tbc).

No singing skills required, just a desire to fight free labour!”


Another project against precarious work in the cultural field!










Zero Wage initiative is a movement of artists, curators and theoreticians active in the field of visual art. It strives for a more transparent relationship between gallery institutions funded by public finance and those who participate in creating the cultural program of such institutions. It wishes to point out the absence of a fee or honorarium for cultural producers and the consequences of such an approach in individual lives and a broader social context. Its goal is to create a situation in which a honorarium for a cultural producer invited to take part in a cultural program of a gallery institution is taken for granted.

On last Tuesday, the 4th of December, we got finally the chance to meet again after our Interndinner.

We would like to thank the organization of Prekärcafé for inviting us to meet in the W23 room, as well as Käthe Knittler from Prekärcafé and Manuela Zechner from the Precarious Working Brigade for their presence and participation in the meeting.



  • To constitute a working group dedicated to the analysis of and struggle against precarious work in the cultural field.
  •  Work together with other similar Austrian and international groups and initiatives
  •  To create a radio show
  • Publishing experiences with internships and precarious work through the radio show and/or through the blog
  • Or through a publication
  • An Aktionstag as sensibilization strategy
  • Interview project (interviews with precarious workers, with successful workers or with activists and theoreticians dedicated to the problematic of labor and precarious work
  •  A theater play
  • Sue an institution (through the switch your field strategy)
  • To build a sharing network (Tauschbörse)
  • Collecting questions


  •  How can you sue someone if you agreed upon a contract that stipulated that you would not get paid?
  •  How to get legal advice and legal representation?
  • How to get represented by worker’s unions when you are not considered to be a worker?




Precarious Workers Brigade